Samuel Palmer

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Samuel is currently accepting students who are interested in vocal training, music theory, ear training and breathwork. He teaches privately at two studios in San Francisco.

Samuel was a founding member and vocal coach for the San Francisco State University Men's Choir, where he received his Bachelor's degree in Music (Classical Vocal Performance). 

Sixteen years of singing in various performance styles include roles in many local stage  productions.

"Samuel Palmer is a tenor with superb range and a stunningly lyric vocal quality. He is a consummate performer with the capability to convey even the smallest nuance of meaning. 

Sam's ability to adopt the character of any music he sings makes him ideally suited for opera and musical theater, while also giving him a commanding stage presence in chamber and solo settings." 

Jason Bush, composer

Since Samuel is a classically trained tenor, it is no surprise that he specializes in the Vinyasa style of yoga - the breathing technique is very important. One pose to the next is on an inhale or an exhale. Poses run smoothly together and become like a dance. The body gains balance and flexibility while developing increased stamina and endurance. Muscles strengthen and stretch ... and the body begins to heal itself.

Samuel teaches yoga throughout the week: in San Francisco at Mission Cliffs and in Marin County at Yoga Tree in Corte Madera.

Samuel is inspired by his love of Kirtan 
(devotional yogic chanting) ...

Samuel has recently received his Reiki certification and has acquired a set of Tibetan singing bowls. His intention is to develop a Sound & Energy healing practice.

Sound healing affects us on every level.  Healing with sound is a form of energy healing that is good for mind, body and spirit.

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