Samuel Palmer

contact:         415.350.6517

I offer lessons in classical vocal technique; my students can expect to improve their range, tone quality, intonation (pitch), breath management & support, and confidence. Musical theatre, pop, country, and other forms of singing can be taught, from a healthy, classical foundation. I also help with sight singing, ear training, and dramatic interpretation.

I have felt the call to sing for as long as I remember, ultimately studying classical voice in college. I have thousands of hours of experience singing in choirs, musical theatre, opera, concert recitals, oratorio, and kirtan. While I still enjoy auditioning for shows and performing onstage, I also practice more sacred music, especially Sanskrit chanting.
My personal practice began in 1997, with a strong Anusara foundation. Despite the controversy surrounding its founder, Anusara as a style is an excellent system of alignment, using easy to understand loops and spirals to bring bodies into alignment.
Upon moving to San Francisco, I discovered Vinyasa style yoga, that flowing form of connecting pose to pose with breath. Because I had learned how to keep my body safe, I quickly fell in love with Vinyasa yoga.
In my teaching I strike a balance between flow and structure, dynamic movement and long held postures.
From my experience as a yoga teacher and singer has been born my healing practice. After studying frequency, vibration, and the subtle energetics of the body, I am convoked that we humans are creatures of vibration, and that vibration can alter us for good or ill. Using antique Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, mantra and tong, I use sound to assist the body in restoring its optimal frequency, to assist others in their healing journey.
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